Privacy Policy


FANLINE (hereinafter referred to as "we") complies with laws and regulations related to private information and the following policy to ensure protection of the private information provided by users for the services (including but not limited to the services that we provide through our website ( (herein after referred to as "this Service”).

1. Definition of Private Information

Private information as defined in this Service refers to name, address, phone number, e-mail address, date of birth, company or group name which the user belongs to, job title, bank account number, credit card number or other information that can identify an individual (including information which can identify an individual by combining it) obtained for this Service that we provide.

2. Purpose of Use of Private Information

We only use private information in this Service within the following scope of use according to the Privacy Policy. Any private information is not used beyond this scope unless laws or regulations related to private information allows or a user himself / herself agrees.

3. Disclosure of Private Information to Third Parties

We do not disclose private information to third parties except the following cases.

Also, private information of a service user stored by us will be used jointly with the service provider of the services that the user is using, within the minimum range necessary for operating this Service and a user shall give its prior consent to the above.

Information necessary for payment for the Service, such as information regarding a credit card of an user in order to prepay through a credit card, shall be directly sent to credit card service companies and payment facilitators, and a user shall give its prior consent to the above.

As aims of this Service include sharing information and providing matching among users, the posted contents on our websites and applications are disclosed on the Internet and can be used in a search engine as a rule, unless the contents are administered as or set to non-disclosure.

4. Safety Management of Private Information

We implement appropriate management of private information through measures against unauthorized access and vulnerability, appointment of a person responsible for the management of private information, and education of our employees. When we outsource the handling of private information and/or the business which includes use of private information, we will conclude a non-disclosure agreement and implement appropriate control.

5. Use of Access Statistical Information

We may collect access log and other data as the statistical information that cannot identify individuals to improve our business in the future and investigate the use trend of this Service. The statistical data concerned shall not be included in the private information stipulated by this Privacy Policy.

6. Cookie and Other Technologies

This Service uses users' cookie, web beacon, and other technologies to understand the use trend, efficiently operate the advertisement, inflow from search engines, and maintain temporary information. Information saved in cookie does not include private information itself. Also, please note this: if cookie is set to invalid, most of the functions of this Service may be disabled.

7. Request of Termination of Use or Modification of Private Information

We will make a replay in writing or by e-mail to the request of disclosure, modification, deletion, termination of use, etc. of private information in accordance with laws and regulation after confirming the identity of the person who made a request, provided, however, that we are not responsible for responding to the request according to laws and regulations related to private information or other laws.

8. Changing of this Privacy Policy

We may review all or part of this Privacy Policy. Any change will be posted on this Service.

Last Updated: March 2017